Marketing. In Minutes.

EcomSuite is an AI-powered marketing plan tool that helps you create and action marketing plans for your ecommerce brand. Use the latest AI technology to generate a comprehensive marketing plan for your ecommerce business in minutes.

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Automated Marketing Plan Generation

Our AI-powered marketing plan generator takes cuts the time to produce a comprehensive marketing strategy for your ecommerce business. Simply provide some basic information about your products, target audience and marketing channels, and EcomSuite will generate a detailed marketing plan tailored to your needs. Edit and approve the plan, and EcomSuite will automatically generate all the content you need to execute it.

Input Information

Provide details about your products, target audience and marketing channels.

Generate Plan

Our AI generates a comprehensive marketing plan for your review.

Generate Content

Automatically draft all content from the approved plan.

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Key Features

Streamline your content creation

EcomSuite offers a suite of powerful features to help you create high-quality content for your ecommerce business with ease.

AI-powered generation

Our advanced AI algorithms generate unique and engaging content tailored to your products and brand.

Customizable content

Create your own to ensure your content matches your brand's voice, style and product category.

Customizable templates

Use our marketing templates or create your own to create the perfect marketing plan.

Content creation on autopilot

Once your marketing plan is approved, EcomSuite automatically generates all the content you need.

Edit your content

Easily edits your pre-generated content to ensure it meets your brand's standards.

Individual content creation

Use our tools to easily generate individual pieces of content for your ecommerce business from pre-built templates.

Manage Your Plan

Easily and simply view your marketing plan and manage progress

Use our planner to keep track of your marketing plan, set reminders to work on content or share your plan with your team. EcomSuite makes it easy to not only create your marketing plan but execute it as well.

Content Types

What can you create with EcomSuite?

EcomSuite's intuitive interface makes it easy to generate, edit, and manage your marketing content. EcomSuite will help you generate blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, email campaigns, and more.

Blogs / Articles

Generate engaging blog posts and articles to drive traffic to your ecommerce site.

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns to engage with your customers and drive sales. Choose the types of content and the frequency of emails.

Social Media

Generate social media posts to promote your products and engage with your audience.

Product Descriptions

Create compelling product descriptions to drive conversions and increase sales. Re-write existing descriptions or generate new ones.

Product Category Descriptions

Write descriptions for your product categories to help customers find what they're looking for.

NSFW Content

Writing NSFW content can be a challenge. Turn on NSFW mode for EcomSuite to help you generate NSFW content that is engaging and appropriate for your audience.